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Moving your household goods to the USA*

The Government of the United States of America have very strict guidelines controlling the movement of goods across its borders. This includes the import of personal / household goods for people moving to the USA. It is permitted to import household goods and personal effects into the USA duty-free, but these items / goods must have been owned by the person wishing to import them for at least a year before their arrival into the USA.

Customs officers in the USA will examine most of the containers arriving into their country. Please ensure that your visa for entry to the USA is the appropriate one. Get Cracking will provide you with the correct customs form to allow you to import your household goods into the USA. This must be completed before your goods leave Ireland.

Shipping your vehicle to the USA*

The USA have very strict and specific rules in relation to motor vehicle safety, bumper design and emissions .

Before you undertake shipping your car to the USA it is advisable to ascertain if your vehicle is eligible to be imported and if any modifications to your vehicle will be required. The importation of motor vehicles not manufactured in and conforming to U.S safety and emission standards is strictly regulated and applicable import regulations can vary dependent on the type of vehicle being shipped. Your reason for importing the vehicle and your personal status in the U.S may also have an impact on regulations that will apply.

Information on requirements for different types of vehicles and for varying purposes of importation can be found on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

Importing your motor vehicle is usually depot to depot. This means that, following USA customs clearance, your motor vehicle may be collected by you from the depot of our partner. You may have to show your passport with the date of your arrival in the USA to prove to USA Customs that you, as owner of the motor vehicle, have lived abroad for 12 months or longer.

USA Customs information*

The USA customs service must clear all shipments into their country. Once you have owned and used your household goods for at least a year abroad, it is permitted to import them into the United States without paying duty and tax. You must ensure that your shipment does not arrive into the USA before you do; this is because it will incur significant charges and will not be cleared by USA Customs officials. There are different regulations according to the different States in America, so we highly recommend that you do not attempt to import any alcohol or food; these may be subject to expensive charges and can cause major delays in the movement of your household goods.

As previously mentioned, almost every shipment that arrives into the USA is expected in some way. The type of inspection ranges from an external container x-ray to a thorough container inspection. This inspection results in the container being completely unloaded and every item / package contained within being inspected. There are additional costs for this type of inspection, and the charges can be significant.


Yes you can, however we recommend that all packing is done by a professional company as self packing generally imposes a higher risk of your shipment being stopped for inspection by the Customs Services, which will lead to very high charges. Generally Customs look more confidently in shipments packed by professional moving companies.

Due to different regulations in different states we strongly discourage you from importing any alcohol as it can cause significant delays and expensive charges. And some States will simply not allow it in.

Due to different regulations in different states we strongly discourage you from importing any alcohol as it can cause significant delays and expensive charges. And some States will simply not allow it in.

It is almost guaranteed that your shipment will be inspection when it arrives in the United States. Inspections range from an external x-ray to an intensive inspection where everything is unloaded and individual packages inspected. Unfortunately there are costs associated with these inspections.

Yes, we have regular shared containers heading to the gateway ports of Los Angeles and New York.

You can be charged duty and tax, however if you can import your household goods into the United States free of duty and tax provided you have owned and used them abroad for at least one year.

* Disclaimer: Please note that all this information provided is intended to be a general guide only, and is subject to change without notice. Please contact the relevant authorities to verify any of the above information.

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